Monday, November 25, 2013

A mother's job is never done!


Robert Stephens said...

Getting tanned where she isn't tan....

Njspank said...

Simply amazing one....incredible in fact, thank you.

Anonymous said...

her daughter hasn't made her bed perhaps .love and spanksTim,

Anonymous said...

Summer sun tans, white botties, misbehviour and discipline...A mother's chores Vronia !! we were outisde all the time growing up as sisters. Our naturally fair skin turned a chestnut, golden brown. Early on we both laughed and joked at bath time and at swimming pools when our whiter-than-white botties came into view and looked ever-so cutey soft and chubby next to our sun tanned backs, legs and arms.

The other occasion when my sister's fairest, whiter than white backside was briefly on show was when ever she was very naughty; and standing with her hands on her head, her cotton shorts and panties hugging her knees. My my mother would briefl scalding her although the attention was ususuall focused on the whippy little cane in my mummy's right hand. Boo-Hoo. No laughing or joking then. Just yelling and tears. Summer spankings were more memorable ! Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Snow White to Rose Red

This is the view my mother gotten when she whipped my bare bum with a switch in the 1960s !!!
As a strictly raised Southern belle I had the best tan lines and the fairest-skinned botty in Georgia. Oh my !

This is also the view my hubby gets today when he tans my hide. I have been working on my fab tan lines and I have gotten back to my alabaster-white bottom of my princess years (Ok, not quite already Veronica !)

I am now in my late 50s and am obsessed with retrospective thinking about my strict childhood CP...and my famous tan lines of yore ! :-) Even my mother comments on them now and she's in her 80s !
Strict Mommy Brenda (again) xx