Saturday, November 16, 2013

Saturday morning cartoons


Don't mess with Porky!"


Njspank said...

I remember both, espcially the brushes!

Anonymous said...

Veronica, as a good, Ol' fashioned Southern girl (a strict mommy in my 50s !!) I so love the first animation. Soooo cute but also very strict too. I love the details - we naughty daughters of yore always do ! The animation shows mommy administering a spanking to a very white bottom (presumably bare ?) which then goes pink (obviously bare !!) and then very red. So lovely and artistically realistic and strict Veronica.

The reddening of the skin leaves us in no doubt that it is a bare bottom spanking. Which of course was normal when a mommy gotten cross ! But in more recent times, PC taboos meant that bare bottoms (or implied bare bottoms) were not shown.

My sister and I remember watching these cartoons in the 1960s, often with our parents, as lil' girls growing up in Georgia. Bare bottom spankings (like in this cartoon) were always slightly cringing, but also just normal in society. And my younger sister and I always gotten well-spanked with our botties bare, as part of routine, parental loving and guidance.

But oh my, it was so strict already, because mom never "spared the rod" so we gotten whupped with her switchy-stick on our lily-white, bare-skinned backsides. Very harsh but harmless and "kind" in that that stern, Southern way, Veronica :-(

I love the piggies. Oh my, Veronica, I recall elsewhere in your Blog is a famous Ol' animation showing two lil' piggies who gotten spanked in a "lie-detector spanking machine". Their father puts the lil' piggies into the machine and they are tossed into the air. On landing they are trapped and their shorts are automatically pulled down exposing their bare white bums ! The paddles then turn the skin red and tears are flowing. Again, bare bottom punishment is clearly shown without PC qualms. Good to see reality Veronica !

The philosophy and context of these very old cartoons so describes the way I was brought up. Very strict, conservative 1950s style. Oh my, for sure, it's along time ago, but the essence has remained with me Veronica. Panties down and botties on show we when we are naughty lil' girls Veronica !
Strict Momma Brenda xx