Tuesday, December 10, 2013


 A flattened board used to administer physical punishment.



Blondie said...

I would love to have you come and visit my paddle shop. You are right in your description but all of the different styles make the feeling of the spank different

sixofthebest said...

A naughty maid, should always be made to upturn her uniform, and bend over a spanking horse, when her duties are found not to be up to par. By the master of the household, or the butler.

Anonymous said...

Veronica, if her mom n pop had smacked her bare bottom with the "attitude adjuster" when she was a naughty lil' girl growing up; then maybe she would not have gotten in trouble now !
My mommy used to say that a stinging botty now will stop you getting into trouble when you are older. That was her reasoning for pulling down my panties and applying the stingy rattan switch when I was a naughty in olden times.
Harsh yes, and harmless too. But oh my, how right she was !
Good Lil' Brenda xx