Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Sexy Santa"

Tony sat down and sipped his coffee, it was Christmas eve and Veronica should be home soon. Tony was proud that his wife was volunteering at the downtown Men's shelter. She was playing Santa Clause and was handing out gifts all afternoon to the poor homeless men at the shelter. He chuckled as he pictured Veronica wearing a big red suit with a white beard and a pillow as her belly. She must look so cute he thought but when Veronica came home all his thoughts of his cute wife changed. "WHAT THE HELL"  he yelled! Yes Veronica was wearing a Santa suit but it wasn't what he thought. "You went out dressed like that to an all men's shelter" Tony asked? Veronica just sat down by the Christmas tree and then stood up and with an evil smirk she replied, "yeah... I did and don't I look sexy? All the guys loved it and so do I. You didn't think that I would wear a traditional Santa suit and hide what my Mama gave me?" Tony was now enraged and jealous, the suit was so skimpy that it barley covered her ass. "Your Mama gave you that body but I'm going to give you a SPANKING" Tony said with anger! "A damn good spanking right over my knee with the hairbrush and next time you do that I'll personally drive you back to that Men's shelter and spank you right in front of them." Now that's an idea Veronica thought, perhaps next year..... Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight. XoXo

"I'm not finished with you just yet!"

'Merry Christmas" Love Veronica and Tony. XoXo


Enzo said...

Merry Christmas Veronica & Tony!

Great set. Nice Santa outfit especially the ruffly red panties ;)

Love the idea of you getting spanked in front of all the men in the Men's shelter!

Anonymous said...

Veronica you look hot in the outfit ,love and spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Veronica a Merry Christmas from ,Timx

Unknown said...

You have nice thick legs Veronica.

Unknown said...

You have nice thick legs Veronica.

Njspank said...

Just a lovely red bottom and red panty spanking, love it in front of the tree, your bottom adds to the glow, nice.