Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Yes a very spankable girl ,love and spanks,Tim.

Anonymous said...

Nostalgia for tan lines ?
Veronica, I'm a bit obsessed with tan lines (so hubby says, tee-hee) and how girls' sun tan lines have largely disappeared over the decades, with all over sun tans and skimpy bikinis taking precedent
I associate summer, sun tan lines with spankings and a strict, Southern upbringing in the 1960s. As a naughty lil' one growing up in Georgia, I adored the Coppertone advert (with the lil' cute doggy) And Veronica, I was the cutey, Coppertone girl. I had the fairest white botty in Georgia, thanks to my cute, lil' shorts and large, sensible, unfashionable, conservative bikini, yuk ! (or bathing suit as my ol' fashioned parents said !) which covered my chubby white botty and hid it permanently from the Southern sun
But fairest -skinned, lil' sister and I, generally had deep, golden brown sun tans as we were constantly outside in the Georgia sunshine.
Now Veronica, there were two occasions when the soft, cotton-white skin on our botties would see daylight in the privacy of our home. First at regular bath times when sis and I would laugh and joke about our sun tan lines and prominent, cutest, whiter than white chubby bums. Mommy always oversaw bath times as part of her rigid household regime.
Secondly, and sadly (!!) our botties would also be bare for punishment - for a spanking from mama with the Lil' nasty, rattan switch. I vividly remember, as a feisty, naughty ten year old precocious princess; when our panties were pulled down for a whuppin', the soft, sensitive skin on our behinds was a paler shade of white and (with tan lines) effectively delineated our bottoms as a "white target" for mom's cane, set against our brown, sun tanned legs and backs. Mama did comment on our tan lines but as a mother of two daughters in sunny Georgia, she expected our botties to be snow white and non-suntanned when it was time for a bath...or for a visit from her switch when we were naughty.
This was all part of my strict, Southern family and upbringing in the 1960s/70s Veronica. Yes, the Coppertone girl got her fairest, bare botty whipped with a switch in true Southern fashion. But I have always loved white bottoms and tan lines and the vivid events and associations.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx