Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Get Across My Lap... Mister!"

"WHAT THE HELL TONY!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "HOW DARE YOU COME DOWN LOOKING LIKE A SLOB WHEN WE ARE ALREADY LATE FOR MY COUSINS WEDDING!" I was indeed livid because Tony knows that he needs to wear a suit to a wedding but instead came downstairs wearing a pair of grey jeans and an old button down shirt. Does he think this is some cowboy wedding or something? I wore a nice black sequence dress and a pair of nice shoes and he has the audacity to wear some hill billy shit! "GET ACROSS MY LAP, MISTER...NOW!!!" Tony walked towards me and unbuckled his belt and pulled his trousers along with his underwear all the way down. Unlike him spanking me in layers I go right to the bare bottom, after all I do have delicate hands. Once across my lap I gave him a thorough hand spanking until his entire bottom was a nice shade of pink. Once he was off my lap I looked down and noticed that '"lil" Tony (that's my pet name for his penis) was quite awake and wet. As Tony walked away to change I saw a huge wet spot on my sequence dress. "DAMN IT" I thought! Now I  have to go and change but not before "lil" Tony gets a spanking too! XoXo


Anonymous said...

Veronica you spanked your boyfor a change for naughtiness ,love and spanks,Timx

Robert Stephens said...

Your delicate hand did a nice job reddening Tony's lazy bottom, but I think a good hairbrush spanking would have been a more appropriate punishment. Especially after he made such a mess..... Make him fetch the brush, put him back over your pretty knee, and give him the tanning he deserves...!

Unknown said...

I feel sorry for Tony, you made him or you did it for him strip from the waist down before he went over your knee. The professional F/M speaking sites don't do that, so you are a bigger and badder Dom than those other women. Only good thing for Tony was he had some nice views before he went over your lap. As for his 2nd problem well that was a by product of him squirming around while across your lap. Give the man a break.

Njspank said...

I will always say this, as sexy as you are as a bottom.......your ate equally sexy as the lap, lucky man your husband is and nice job warming his bottom, very hot my friend.

Anonymous said...

love get over your lap anytime for my spanking something tell me only person you spank is husband

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