Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's Spankable

She's going to summer school..

Schools out.... see you in September.


Anonymous said...

She seems to have left off her school panties naughty girl,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

She seems to be in need of a good OTK spanking.

Anonymous said...

Naughty Lil' Princess and the switch-memoirs in Ol' fashioned Georgia.

I adore the top photo of a naughty Lil' Southern belle! :-(
Perhaps she feels like I did Veronica - like a naughty lil' missy from Gone With The Wind (haha) having to be on best behaviour, minding my Ps and Qs young lady. Oh my, it was just like that for me and my younger, lil' sister.

My mother's dreaded lil' nursery switch (a cute, rattan attitude adjuster) which she kept in the cupboard was sadly not designed to sting through that cutey princess's chequered skirt and petticoat Veronica ! It was a thin, whippy, nasty lil' switch (similar to a hickory switch which other moms used on daughters)
And it also wasn't meant to sting through my 1960s' large, snuggy, white, cotton panties (not fashionable Veronica!) which I wore throughout my lil' princess upbringing. Underpanties made from local cotton: cute, snuggy, comfy protection offered to my fairest, soft- skinned botty underneath. Oh my, if only. Boo-Hoo Veronica :-( strict, conservative times.

Oh my ! My mother always pulled my panties down and punished me on my bare bottom. She said that in the privacy of a loving home there was no reason not to pull down my panties and give a switchin' on sensitive, bare skin. Oucheeeees! So right Veronica !
And mom told this to other moms in the neighbourhood, without qualms or embarrassment.

Punishment was scary, simple, stingy and safe. The controlled, safety aspect of "bare botty" switchin's in our house was crucial for my no-nonsense mom as part of her strict, loving regime. Lil' Brenda was Gone with the wind Veronica. :-) Harsh but wonderful memories of days of yore !
Brenda xx