Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another sleepless night... DAMN!


Anonymous said...

Lovely shot of you Veronica, daddy's nasty rubber-soled slipper had to pay a visit to a naughty girl's bottom. Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Naughty lil' daughter Veronica gotten her bare backside a good switching !

Veronica, I'm fetching the cane and treating you like one of my own two daughters in the early 1990s...(don't worry their tender white bottoms recovered already !)

First, as a 1950s born Southern girl in Atlanta's suburbs, I so vividly remember the moms in our Church group always taking about spankings during coffee mornings in the early 1960s. It was "spare the rod spoil the child" all the time.

My own mother (one of the strictest and oldest) used to say in her conservative, stern but cute manner that punishing her two young daughters was simple already ! Just fetch yourself a traditional, flexible, rattan switch, pull down their lil' cotton panties, position their bare, cotton-soft botties over the sofa, and then whip the alabaster-white, sensitive skin until it looked like as a red as a ripe water melon ! So simple already. Veronica. No sweat ! And a mother's Christian duty and mommy-approved sentence gotten carried out a lot !! That was the essence of our childhoods, sister and me. A proud, strict mother was a good mother.

When I gotten blessed by God with motherhood and my own two lil' daughters later in the 1980s, I spanked them the same way that my mother has spanked me - with the rattan switch on a bare rear end. They gotten plenty of CP in their childhoods just as I gotten in my childhood in the 1960s. Why should you be treated different Veronica. I'm gonna tan your bare ass with the cane young lady...and looking at that oh so lovely, fairy-soft, lily-white skin on your botty, pray why do we need time outs for a naughty lil' daughter like you Veronica ?
Strict Mom Brenda xx