Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Waiting for her Super Spanking!


Robert Stephens said...

Mmmmmmm..... Super Girl, buns of steel, holding her teddy bear, just waiting for Super Daddy to come upstairs with the hairbrush. Delicious...!

Enzo said...


Anonymous said...

Super spanks for her ,bestspanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Super Bum, Super Top and Super Panties Veronica -love the stuffy teddy ! Boo-Hoo. Smackabotties is gonna happen !

When I was a lil' girl growing up in Georgia in the 1960s, I did not have modern, trendy cartoon panties. My mommy was very Ol' fashioned and quite religious and our house was very strict and conservative and also loving too ! Mom was also ten years' older (or more than some of the younger moms) and had very traditional family values.

Being from the South, sister and I wore pastel blue and canary yellow 1950s dresses and cute lil' cotton shorts. And Oh my, we gotten so smartly dressed for Church on Sundays with ribbons in our hair already. Mother bought our clothes and we daughters had very little choice in the matter.

I so strongly recall how my sister and I always wore those unfashionable, 1950s, snuggy, plain, white cotton panties...we were not allowed/purchased modern cartoon style coloured panties. Everything was very conservative and sensible. Oh my, and so very strict.

A good, hard spanking was the only punishment growing up. When we were naughty, mommy always pulled down our white cotton panties and smacked us on our bare white bottoms - initially with the hairbrush or wooden spoon and then (from age 8) with her flexible, rattan switch, which lived in the cupboard. No half-measures Veronica: the rattan switch on bare botties-skin was harmless, but extremely uncomfortable !! Which was the whole idea of a smacked botty from mommy !

Our tender-skinned bums (duly bared for punishment) were a fairest, alabaster white, because they were not exposed to the Georgia sun (obvious !!) unlike our arms and legs, which were a deep golden brown. Our swimsuits were also full-bottomed and Ol' fashioned (1950s two piece bathing suits, not trendy bikinis) which gave us very broad accentuated tan lines. We were the Coppertone girls with chubby, snow white bums !!

So Veronica, I associate spanking and my strict 1960s upbringing with an absence of lovely, super-girl, cartoon panties and an abundance of unfashionable, large, plain, white cotton panties; which my mother pulled down to reveal my soft, fairy-white backside for a good whuppin' with her switchy-stick !! I screamed with the sting and Oh my, I did the switchy-dance ! :-(

These powerful images and the sting of her rattan cane !! ("the hornets nest"), has defined my whole experience of spanking ever since !Boo-Hoo. Harsh times those 1960s Veronica - it was "don't spare the rod" for sure !
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx