Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Teasing the boys on the farm... wait until daddy finds out!


Brett said...

That's what woodshed's are for. When she returns, there will be some new color to match the boots and scarf.

Anonymous said...

And when Dad did find out, the result is very much like this video.

Anonymous said...

Yes she is naughty in her shorts ,best spanks.Tim.

Anonymous said...

Oh my ! Yes, taken off to the woodshed for a bare bottom Southern switchin' or strappin' from father ! He's real mad Veronica ! :-)

I love the whole strict father thing Veronica. I grew up with a strict father ! And my hubby usually plays that role in our spanking vignettes and role-plays.
When I was growing up, my strict father was often away on business, so my (much stricter!) mom took control of disciplining sister and me. Dad was happy with that, and had two well-behaved young daughters...strictly raised.

I did not have shorts like that ! Georgia in the 1960s was just like the 1950s for domestic life and growing up. I wore cutey, conservative shorts and pretty, lil' cute, Southern belle dresses in pastel yellow (canary yellow) and blue. White ankle socks and sometimes ribbons in our hair too. Underwear were white, cotton, large and snuggy. Made from local cotton. Very sensible and conservative underpanties for lil' Southern princesses Veronica. And oh my, these panties were pulled down for smacked bottoms in our house !

Our swimming costumes or bathing suits were also ol' fashioned 1950s' style...not bikinis Veronica ! Our bathing costumes and shorts meant that we lil' girls had very defined defined tan lines, from being outdoors in the Southern sun. Our legs, arms and torso were mahogany brown. But our fairest botties were a natural lighter shade of alabaster-white !

When sister and I were naughty, those very same alabaster-white, chubby bottoms were bared for spankings with a thin, rattan switch, by mommy, usually in the living room, bent over the couch. Punishment was very simple and very strict.
Mother did not bare our bottoms in public - she did not spank us in public. But in the privacy of our own home, mum always pulled down our panties and we gotten the cane on our bare bums. Harsh but fair. Southern style ! Quite right too. The message got through ! We were never stripped naked, but our botties were always (appropriately) bare to feel the sting. Humbling but never humiliating.

It was all very Southern, no-nonsense and strict Veronica. It could not have been different from the ideas of the PC wave, twenty years later, when I was a single working girl. At that later time, my ol' fashioned mom dismissed the PC stuff, and of course, I talked a lot with her and my sister about our strict but loving upbringing in the 60s and 70s.

Great photo of daisy dukes - very sexy.
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx