Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Waiting until father get home from work...


Anonymous said...

The 2 cute young ladies are looking worried they'll soon be otks being spanked when their Mummys tell their daddies they have been naughty ,best spanks,TImx

Anonymous said...

"Wait till your Dad gets home" struck fear and dread into many a naughty bottom.


On bed with belt

Anonymous said...

Cute girls waiting for their spankings ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Moms' prerogative too....taking charge

Veronica, I recall the strict Southern moms routinely talking about spankings in the store, in the park or at length during those 1960s coffee mornings !
My mother was older than some of the younger (more fashionable !) moms and was seen as a strict, ol' fashioned disciplinarian and spanker. Younger moms asked for her advice and opinions.

I tried to overhear what my mom was saying - it was embarrassing for sure but also exciting for me as lil' girl growing up in the 1960s good ol' days of strict family values and domestic discipline.

My mother always asked the moms whether they pulled panties down and what implement they used or wold prefer. It goes without saying Veronica that my mom advocated that naughty bottoms should be completely bare for punishment (maximum sting, maximum safety, minimum effort !!!) and that her naughty daughter Brenda got a whuppin' with the lil' rattan cane ("switch" in Atlanta, Georgia speak) which was my mother's "botty smacker" of choice for naughty lil' me .....very thin, very whippy and very nasty and stingy on my chubby bare princess botty Veronica. Oh my !

Mommy would explain how she was punished the same way thirty years earlier by grandma and why she preferred to use the switch on bare skin rather than paddles, straps or other implements.

I always loved my mom's lack of PC or inhibitions when talking to other moms about how she spanked me. The good ol' 1960s for sure Veronica !

Naughty Lil' Brenda xx