Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Daddy, we maxed out your credit cards today!


Anonymous said...

When their Dad came into the bedroom and viewed his two errant daughters smiling he gave them both a steely eyed look that sent shivers down their spine and bottoms. When he finished blistering their bottoms both would be limp across his lap and crying true tears of regret. Both would face another round of his wrath before bedtime. Upturned bottoms receiving a dose of the belt searing both their bottoms and minds with what they did. He loved his girls but this lesson was long overdue.

The belt

Dr. Ken said...

Veronica -- two smart girls. They knew exactly how to be dressed (or undressed) and what position to be in when they told "Daddy" the news...

Anonymous said...

The 2 cute sisters bottieswill then be otks having big spanks from daddy ,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Terrible Twins Veronica:-)
Oh my, it's my lovely sister and me tee-hee ! Waiting for mommy who is soooo cross !
If my sister and I were naughty together growing up, then mommy usually spanked us together. Smacked bottoms were harsh in our house back in Georgia, in the late 1960s - we had a strict, conservative upbringing which was normal back then. Amongst our peers, our mommy was one of the strictest.

Mother never stripped us bare for a whuppin', we always kept out PJ tops on but oh my, our cotton pajama bottoms would be pulled down to our knees, and sadly not protecting our sensitive fair-skinned botties ! Veronica, the rattan switch was always administered to bare skin in our house. Period. Mommy was extremely strict and old fashioned, again, not uncommon in the 1960s in the South. Mommy believed that bottom baring was a brief punishment ritual in its own right (as part of the spanking process) and guaranteed that the switchin' would be safe as well as stingy ! Oh my !

And in the summer, our bedroom windows were open and the neighbours would hear the smack of the rattan switch on our smooth, sensitive bare behinds. Not to mention our loud squealing and crying. And the neighbours approved Veronica, "don't spare the rod" and all.

The ferocious sting was harmless, but our mommy said a stinging bottom now, would prevent us from worse offences when we were older. She was correct there Veronica. My sister and I have always respected mom's brand of strict, kind, caring nurturing. Oh my, bare botty whuppin' s were just part of growing up. I love our Southern style and traditions, even if it appears ol' fashioned today ! And yes, Veronica, I can't deny that watching my lil' sister's soft, white, chubby botty redden with mom's punishment switchin', had an ever-lasting effect on me. My sister felt the same too. The good Ol' days Veronica!
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx