Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday morning cartoons

Smoking is bad for your health... and bottom!

...and Sunday funnies...


Anonymous said...

Mom's hairbrush or Dad's hand always gets the intended results.

Anonymous said...

These little minxs are having their big spanks from their parents for naughtiness ,best spanks,Timx

Mike Pahula said...

would love spanking from you or any other female for smoking i sort of quit smoking i smoke e-cig now
Lif but i gone back to regular cigarette i think i need my butt on fire

Anonymous said...

Oh my, these lovely cartoons are awesome Veronica. Two typical strict Southern mommies for sure.
Such moms were ubiquitous when my sister and I were naughty lil' ones, growing up in Atlanta in the 1960s and 70s.
So love the modern context and ol' fashioned scenarios. I did not smoke and neither did my sister, but we certainly had our cutey shorts and sensible, white, cotton panties pulled down to our knees umpteen times for a well smacked bottom.
l love the hand and hairbrush combo here Veronica. From an early age, mommy used a specially purchased lil' rattan nursery cane (very thin, whippy switch)...perfect for our exposed, sensitive -skinned, botties. On fairy-soft, blossom-white backsides, the sting was ferocious (which was the idea)but mom was an expert spanker Veronica: perfectly safe and harmless for her naughty, lil' daughters. Quite right too ! Very strict but also loving Veronica. Oh my, how strange and very different was Atlanta in those days !!
Nostalgic Brenda xx