Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday's Spankable

Waiting for her lesson.


Anonymous said...

Waiting heightens anticipation of what is coming. This fiery Redhead will soon have a red blistered bottom to match that flaming hair!

Naughty girl spanked

A very naughty gets spanked

Anonymous said...

The pretty girl waits to be spanked ,best spanks,Tim.

Anonymous said...

"don't spare the rod"...

Veronica, I recall great times with our neighbours back in the 1960s. My lil' sisiter and I would go round every week for juice and cookies, and they came round frequently to see mom n pop. The subject of spanking often arose. This elderly couple were like family to us, and were very religious; and they fully supported my mother's strict treatment of her daughters !

Mother used to punish we lil' girls with a flexible, rattan switch. We always gotten it with our botties completely bare and our cotton, white panties pulled down to our knees. No exceptions, from the first to the last ! . Harsh but fair Veronica !

Our neighbours said that these whuppin's were "Christian spankings" and that mother administered "biblical switchin's". Interestingly, our mommy did not refer to our spankings in these terms, but faith was strong in our house, and we went to Church on Sundays.

I was fascinated with all this spanking philosophy as a lil' girl Veronica. Although, I cannot deny that spankings at home were very stern and traditional (but harmless too)
The "rod" was in fact a lil' whippyy rattan switch. And of course, bare botties wer essential for "religious reasons" (in my neighbours' eyes)...and to get the message across !!
I think my mother considered spankings as a complex but fundamental part of family life and also part of societal norms and traditional values. So very Southern Veronica. And so very 1960s.

And our lil' chubby botties rendered bare for a switchin' was common sense Veronica. I so approve of that panties down approach !! (not at the time ha-ha ! Oucheees) ....maximum sting and maximum safety. And some necessary humbling and formality for tender bottomed daughters !

Unlike this sexy girl shown here, we never got stripped for punishment Veronica. That was unecessary humiliation. As my mom always said when she fetched that dreaded lil' rattan cane...only our naughty bottoms needed to be bare. Nowhere else ! Quite right too ! And so in the bedroom Veronica, it would be our jammies that were pulled down (to expose the sensitive lily-white target !) with our PJ tops still remaining in situ.

I so loved the neighbours, and have been fascinated by their religious interpretation of our whuppin's. Even to this day !

Naughty Lil' Girl Next Door, Brenda xx