Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Applied Psychology"

Mr. Whitaker was having a real tough time raising a teenager by himself but as a single father he did everything he could to raise his only daughter Veronica the right way. His poor wife passed away many years ago so that left all the parenting responsibilities on his lap. He read hundreds of books on how to rear a child and it worked out well.... at first! You see, as Veronica grew older she became harder and harder to handle and even though she was an honor student her grades began to slip further and further. Her attitude was downright disrespectful and Mr. Whitaker soon realized that he had raised a brat. What did he do wrong??? He was the perfect parent, never yelling but speaking firmly, never ever hitting but the occasional time-out or privilege being taken away. When Veronica yelled at him or through a temper tantrum it was just her way of expressing herself and that's a good thing.... isn't it? The books all say to let your child express themselves so they can become independent adults. One day when Veronica s grandfather came to visit she started acting out. Mr. Whitaker sought advise from his elderly father but could not believe his ears.... "TAKE THAT BRAT DAUGHTER OF YOURS OVER YOUR KNEE AND GIVE HER A GOOD LENGTHY DOSE OF THE HAIRBRUSH AND APPLY SOME OF THAT PSYCHOLOGY RIGHT ON HER BARE ASS!" the old man scowled and said his peace before leaving. Mr. Whitaker opened up all his psychology books and parenting reference guides... they all say never too spank!!!! "I could never spank my child" he thought "how barbaric and out of fashion." 
      The next day Veronica came home from school and she was her usual unpleasant self. She was fouled mouth and all attitude. She handed her father her mid-term grade and failed, she reeked of cigarettes and boys cologne, her school uniform skirt was way too short and her sassy attitude grew worst with every waking day........................... "TOO HELL WITH DR. BEN SPOCK AND ALL THAT PARENTING BULLSHIT!" Mr. Whitaker finally came to the realization that if it ain't broke don't try and fix it.Only one method worked for thousands of years and once upon a time children learned to obey their parents. Now that everyone steps in to tell you how to rear your child things have become drastically wrong. It's time for some applied psychology right where it will do the most good. "VERONICA..... YOU'RE GETTING SPANKED.... NOW!" So after years of reading parenting books and psychology books, the wisdom of an old man worked best.

This has been a long time coming.

Getting to the bottom of bad behavior.

Psychology well applied.


Anonymous said...

I could not have said it better, and what a fantastic story.

The way it used to be

Robert Stephens said...

Mmmmm....... We haven't seen a pictorial from you in a while Veronica. You are as fetching as ever and Tony is a very lucky man. Thank you for sharing.....

Anonymous said...

Agreed lovey ,nice photos of your lovely self otks ,best spanks ,Timmy x

Njspank said...

Perhaps your best ever post, great story line, love the panties and well just so well done.

Njspank said...

Wonderful....and so love the naughty panty

Anonymous said...

This is so fabulous Veronica. Great writing. Yes I think we strict mommies can dismiss those books Veronica !!! :-)

Great to see Mr whitaker and his Stetson applying the hairbrush to tender bare skin, following Grandfather's advice (my own grandfather's advice was also identical !)

My mummy certainy didn't need those books in the 1960s or 70s Veronica ha-ha (yeah right, if only !) All she needed was a thin, little, bendy rattan cane...which she would be administer to my bare botty when I deserved it. Simple. Harsh but fair ! No naughty step required

My mother could write a book called Southern whuppins...or no wishy washy thinking. No namby pamby aproach to discipline !!

She practised and preached Veronica's Grandfather's advice !
Great post...

Brenda x