Saturday, January 3, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

... and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

They watched the teacher as she paddled the naughty girl caught cheating in class. Then squirmed and wiggled in their seats when her panties came down and the hard paddle cracked on her quivering bottom. No one was thinking of cheating in her class ever again!

But for this girl it wasn't over. She was going to get a strapping from Dad

Anonymous said...

Veronica they are all receiving their sound spanks,best spanks,Timx

Anonymous said...

Soooo cute Veronica. When I was that lil' girl (Funnies, comic) across momma's knee in the 1960s, my mother had already stood me by the chair and pulled both my pants and my lil' white cotton panties down to my knees.
She would then firmly secure lil' ol' me over her knee. And then with her hairbrush, she would turn the fairy-soft skin on my naughty unclothed botty from its natural paler shade of white to the red of a Georgia sun set Veronica.
I cried and cried, from both the humbling and especially the sting ! After the spanking, mommy stood me back down and then pulled up my panties and pants and gave me a hug ! And then sent me to my room ! That's how it should be done Veronica! Just like the first two cartoons. And my lil' sister watched...and learned !
A few years later mommy bought the rattan switch. Again, for my bare botty only. My sister and I were raised in a very strict house where bottoms were smacked soundly (always in their bare state)...such was domestic life in the 1960s/70s in the South!
Naughty lil' Brenda xx