Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Water and a spanked bottom, this spanking you will remember for a long time missy!

naughty girl with a still wet bottom spanked

A naughty bathtub spanking

A fantasy bathtub spanking (story)

A swimming bath whipping

Anonymous said...

She is dreaming about her "laundry mat" visit, but she better hope her dad never finds out about what went on! Her ass would be untouchable without serious pain for at least a week.

Sexy, sexy

Anonymous said...

Perhaps she will be put otks for a wet botty spanking otks for being naughty splashing in the bath .

Anonymous said...

Our hubbies are finding the bath brush Veronica ! :-) Brenda x

Anonymous said...

Mommies are only human...they sure gotten cross !

Veronica, back in the early 1990s when I came home from a hard days work at a large corporation (both trying to be a conscientious, loving full-time mom and full-time conscientious business worker) and I had to get my two lil' daughters bathed and in bed. I sometimes found it hard going. Sometimes I gotten real mad because my two girls were misbehaving. You would think they would know better. Oh my !

Back in the early 1960s, my lil' sister and me would try not to get naughty when mum was getting us a bath and ready for bed. That was dangerous. Oh my ! But my own two daughters sometimes pushed boundaries too far. They pushed their mom too far already !

Veronica, I cannot deny that sometimes at bath time, two naughty lil' princesses gotten told to stand out of the water already, with their hands on their heads, so that two alabaster white, chubby-sensitive (and very wet) botties could receive a good whooping with the back of a wooden hairbrush ! Oh my ! It was very loud with tears aplenty Veronica. Job gotten done.
Strict, loving, conservative, hard-working mommies are only human, Veronica. Even super-hero moms !

Strict 1980s Mom Brenda xx