Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A vintage birthday spanking...


Anonymous said...

Old School, ah for those day's again. Boy's and girl's knew they could get sore bottoms quickly if their naughtiness crossed an established line. Unfortunately for their bottom's almost all did at one time or another.

A 1950's style household - one example of expected discipline

Modern video but what could have happened in past

Anonymous said...

Two girls playspank ,best spanks , Tim x

Anonymous said...

This is a birthday spanking too!

Anonymous said...

Vintage spankings when the world was black and white and bottoms were red Veronica - the good ol' days !

Oh my, I recall the times when ol' fashioned Southern moms talked about spanking naughty daughters Veronica. There was not much talk about real estate in Georgia in the 1960s ! But moms did talk about domestic discipline at coffee mornings and mothers meetings in the mall !

My mom was in her late thirties/early forties when she was strictly raising her daughters. I remember some of the younger moms asking my mom's advice on spanking !! It was cringing but exciting for all we princesses Veronica.

Our mom was an expert bottom smacker - something to be proud of back then. In terms of implements, mother suggested to other moms, the hairbrush, wooden spoon, paddle, cane/switch, strap , rubber depended on the mother's preference. Naturally, mom always said that a tender bare surface was essential for the message to get through !!

Mom explained why she prefered to use a whippy, lil' rattan cane to punish her girls and how we got smacked in the living room, with our panties pulled down and our botties bare. Mommy once showed some moms the switch in the cupboard embarrassing for me !

Most moms approved and agreed. A few thought the cane was harsh for me, especially on my bare botty. And so the merits of spanking and various implements continued! I have such vivid memories of these occasions Veronica - they had a huge effect on me. Coupled with of course seeing my lil' sis getting her panties pulled down for a switchin', bent over the couch in the living room !!
Naughty Lil' Nostalgic Brenda xx