Sunday, March 1, 2015

Can't sit down Sunday

She has a real bad attitude!

Bad attitude now corrected!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the sweet face of agony/ecstasy sexy girl and who could not love your well spanked bottom!

Naughty sexy spanking

I am sure this girl will have sitting problems - learning to obey

Anonymous said...

Naughty behaviour earns big spanks for this cute young lady ,best spanks ,from Tim x

Robert Stephens said...

Veronica, I look forward to Sunday's not just because its a relaxing day, but also because we get to see your delicious Sunday Spankings..... Sweet...!
BTW, please check out my videos on spankingtube. My handle there is 'Spankwhisperer'. I'd love to know what you think.
Warm Bottoms,
Robert aka

Anonymous said...

Her bottom on fire from her husband's spanking and no end in sight. She thought of her childhood discipline. Bratty behavior had gotten her spanked then and the same bratty behavior got her spanked now. With one notable difference. Mind-blowing orgasmic benefits derived from her current spanking!

First thought- A butt blistering not to be forgotten

Second thought - Shoes and getting caught leads to a steamy spanking