Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Down in the farm"


Anonymous said...

Farm life is tough and farm discipline even worse. Rules broken bring swift correction; tears, regret, and always a blistered swollen red bottom. As for you naughty girl I am sure your luscious bottom would get far more than most.

These girl's learn farm discipline the hard way

Naughty farm activities

Anonymous said...

Clever animation ,best spanks Timx

Anonymous said...

Super outdoor spanking Veronica - naughty daughter across papa's knee...1960s' style :-) Surprisingly I wasn't smacked outside growing up. But was rapidly escorted inside by mum or dad to have those cutey blue denim shorts and cotton panties pulled down. My loud yelling and the unmistakable smack of hairbrush or thin cane across a bare sensitive botty could sometimes be heard by neighbours. How cute and cringing Veronica ? And so typically 1960s! And the neighbours approved as my mummy told them how my sister and I were disciplined. It was all accepted within social mores and domestic culture back then. I enjoy al fresco spankings today :-) Thanks. Brenda x