Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Mischievous Veronica"

As we all know, being mischievous is causing trouble but in a playful sort of way. Like the time I put salt in Tony's coffee or stuck mash potatoes in his shoes. Then there was the time that I poured ice down his shirt while he was taking a nap. Ladies, if you ever want to earn a real quick trip over a knee do any of the above and you will soon find yourself staring at the floor. What I want from you my dear readers are ideas on how to play a mischievous prank on Tony since I'm running out of ideas. Be creative and I'll do it... just dare me! The spanking below was from a few months back when I mixed some cat food with his omelette. I thought it was funny but apparently he didn't see the humor in it.... xoxoxo

Veronica, the mischievous prankster.

"What? You didn't find that funny?"

Time for a scolding as I pout!

..and pout some more.

As he scolds me I still have that devilish smirk.

Someone is going to get a spanking.

That look of enjoyment.

Close to orgasm??? Perhaps!

A good hand spanking feels............. soooo good!

Off his lap, I go...

Another angle...

I'm still feeling mischievous, and satisfied... for now!


Anonymous said...

Young lady yes your cute botty pays for your naughtiness every time and we much enjoy your cute antics in earning your spankings ,love and spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than seeing your sexy bare bottom being thoroughly roasted!

Be mindful the following suggestion might get your bottom spanked to a level it has never seen before. Be warned!

Suggest to your husband a playful bare bottom spanking. While spanking him make sure to play with his intimate parts. Especially his balls. Continue spanking and playing until you are both satisfied. But before letting him off your knee. Apply either Icy Hot or ginger, that you have hidden close by, to your finger tips and slowly massage his balls one last time. It will take a few seconds for him to figure out what is going on. But when he does you might want to have an avenue of escape! It burns like hell but if quickly washed off it will drastically cut down on the insidious burn.

An example of what might happen later

Paying for her prank

They pay dearly for their prank

Her prank his consequences

henk schoneveld said...

sooo very well deserved Missy!...catfood's gross!....i would have had you sit on your red bottom and eat a can of Purina!...i would even let you pick out the flavor!...great set of pics by the way!

OldFashionGirl said...

At anonymous ... Great idea!!!

Colin said...

Hi, before going out to dinner, when he's dressed and ready to go, apply some ink to one of your hand and print it on his bum. If he doesn't find out before hand you can tell him as you're leaving the restaurant.
A bedtime spanking is assured.
Good luck
Colin xxx

OldFashionGirl said...

Thanks Colin, another good one. You guys really want me to get spanked!!! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'd like to,see you sit on your freshly spanked bottom on that wooden kitchen chair. Sitting on a sore red bottom should change the attitude a little. Your squirming around when your over his knee, just think how much it's going to hurt! You can compare the pain of the spanking to the pain of sitting on your bottom.

JD Winchester said...

Veronica it's certainly NOT that you don't have a GORGEOUS derriere because you most CERTAINLY DO, but I REALLY like the face shots of you, when you're over Tony's lap. Your head is positioned in the most perfect, delicious way, but more importantly, it tells a complete story without seeing the whole picture; it allows the imagination to fill in the blanks and SOMETIMES that is even more intriguing than seeing everything. Awesome job, thank you!

Pygophilous1 said...