Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons...

...and the Sunday funnies.


Anonymous said...

When Dad takes her OTK she instinctively knows her bad behavior is the reason. She will plead, wiggle, dance, and ultimately cry. Big girl or little girl, the result is always the same. A crimson bottom, earned tears, then finally release and forgiveness and always with his love.

Stealing doesn't pay

Everyone who has ever been paddled knows how bad it hurts

Foul language and a spanking

This little minx has multiple orgasms and she obliviously loves it

Anonymous said...

The bratty boy did it but the girl gets the spanking .The girls Daddy still spanks his little daughter ,Best Spanks Tim x

Anonymous said...

For those naughty girls, much like you naughty girl, who sometimes need a little extra correction.

Anonymous said...

Oh that poor girl in sketch one, Veronica. Lifes not fair. Boo-Hoo :-) My hubby knows I love the frisson of outdoor spankings.

I wasn't spanked in public as a little girl, or in the garden. Always in private. But in the 1960s I was fascinated to see exasperated moms lifting pretty dresses and pulling down panties for a smacked bottom in public. No taboo about baring bottoms in the car park back then !

But sadly no consolation for little old me when mummy got me home. Yes ny dress came up and my cutey cotton panties came down too...but I got the dreaded switchy-cane on a bare botty instead !! OUCHEE.

I would have gladly settled for a hard hand on my bare bottom in public ! Oh the good old days eh ? Thanks. Brenda x