Thursday, June 11, 2015

Honoring two of the greats..........

This is a short clip of two of the most influential people in the world of spanking. It's the late Ed Lee and the beautiful Eve Howard. What a great pair they made :)

A "Spanko" speaks out in an interview.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the left hand panties-pull-down here. A sort of reverse-action technique :-) Not that I would notice any difference being locked down in the naughty position :-) Brenda x

Robert said...

hello, I agree, Ed Lee was out there with spanking , real spanking, I wrote to him over the years and he always wrote back, the last letter I wrote him I enclosed a pic I found of two naughty girls being led to their spanking, asking if it was a video, he wrote back on the pic I had printed out, he explained it wasn't a video, the girls was giving the female spanker a hard time, she finally had enough, grabbed them by the ears ,took them to the back and spanked them both, for real, I would be glad to email you the letter if you wish, he passed that same week, I hope the letter bought him some joy, he has given us spankos, a lot of joy, by people who are really into spanking, love your blog, always your fan bob