Saturday, June 13, 2015

Saturday morning cartoons

... and the Sunday funnies!
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Anonymous said...

Oh what a lovely start to the weekend Veronica !! How super:-)

Soooo love the cute tan lines and tender white bratty, un-sun tanned behind on photo two. I recall a few times in the 1960s and 70s, when a very naughty little girl had to be dragged inside from the garden, kicking and screaming for a good smacked bottom!

A naughty little missy had to have her bikini or swimsuit pulled down...exposing her fairest -skinned, non-suntanned chubby botty !! Boo-Hoo Veronica.

I was always conscious that my whiter than white, ultra- tender backside looked very cute and funny next to my chestnut brown suntanned body. But it was no laughing matter. And with soft, sensitive, pale skin cross mummy tanned my bare botty with the hairbrush or little stern Southern domestic fashion !! And I was sent to my room to view my "bowl of strawberries" rear -end in the mirror.

No worries Veronica , I was back out in the garden a little later - a very well behaved princess for sure ! Hugs for the BBQs and weekend:-) Brenda x