Monday, August 17, 2015

"Well it's not going to spank itself!"


Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely and lush Veronica - the fairest, softest skin is only found on our tender princess' botties. Our natural sensitive skin untouched by ultraviolet...but sadly not by strict mummy's cane. Surprise ?! Yes, she's fetching it now Boohoo :-( ...and as my sister and I used to say when we were little girls Veronica: we had golden brown tans, but our summer tan lines and our whiter than white, fairest skinned botties were only on show at bath time...and punishment time. And both events were overseen (and administered) by our no nonsense mummy ! Ouch. Soooo love tan lines does my hubby ! haha Hugs. Brenda x

Mike Pahula said...

the one with wide eyes is like omg as looking at butt about lick finger or something bet she really want to spanks smack the butt then maybe kiss it