Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another rub my ass moment...

Schoolgirls must behave!!!


Mike Pahula said...

yes school girl must behave or get spanked spanking if dont

may i please rub your butt for you i can help ease pain

Dai Preston said...

You are too cute for words - Dai

Dai Preston said...

You are to cut for words.

Anonymous said...

Soooo darn sexy Veronica !...(and my hubby agrees ha-ha)

I'm thinking that you could be naughty lil' me here Veronica, back in 1972. And my hubby and I could be the lovely, pious, elderly couple next door...who just heard you get a bare bottom whuppin' from mommy !

My litle sister and I loved the neighbours, and we visited every week for juice and cake and just generally good times. They were part of the family. And they were also strongly supportive of my mother's very strict disciplinary regime for her two daughters ! That was just typical of Southern communities in the late 1960s and early 70s. It was all about "little deers and bear behinds" (with those paddles ubiquitously for sale of course) And it seems odd now, but the Naughty Step and PC were still decades away. I vividly recall it all and always wrote events and pictures in my diary

Our neighbours had a big impact on my spanking psyche Veronica - simply because they endorsed strict but loving bare bottom discipline for me and my sister !! And talked about it in a rational, caring way. It was a harsh fact of life and integral to faith, family codes, socal mores and community spirit.

And thanks to Georgia's hot climate, with doors and windows open, the unmistakable, stinging smack of a rattan switch on two naughter daugters' pudgey-white, bare, little, tender botties, was loud and clear Veronica. Plus of course, our raucous Princess' yelling (the sting was ferocious but I must stress fair, safe and harmless) Boo-Hoo. Boo-Hoo ! Not fair mummy ! And the neighbours garden was just a few metres away. They did not see, but they did hear everything. And supported my mother totally.

So little Veronica came round to talk to Brenda and her husand for tea and how she had been naughty, but now was a good little girl. Thanks to her strict, loving, old-fashioned mummy. It was not embarrassing, it was part of traditional, community living back then.

It's a good job we got on so well with the neigbours Veronica !

And your photo recalls the nostalgia. The Good Ol' Days. Ouchheees !

Thanks, Brenda xx

Njspank said...

I still want to move in next door to you guys.