Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Given an assortment of hairbrushes Veronica, I'm sure you and Tony, and hubby & I could sort out these naughty bottoms ! Smack. Smack. :-)

Is naughty missy number one waiting for her Tiger Mommy to fetch the cane? Sooo strict a scenario, me thinks.

Love bluesy girl three with the retro- tan lines and super-soft bum: awaiting a spanking on "that special place provided by God and Nature" (lol, my old-fashioned mommy was so cute but cringing)

The Georgian sun gave me such stark tan lines and my li'l bratty chubby botty was as fairy-soft and snow white as the Southern cotton fields Veronica...(still is ha-ha)...darn those switchin's
Boo-Hoo, why do we get our bums bared for a whuppin' ? Boo-Hoo.

Brenda, the naughty li'l Coppertone girl xx

jimc said...

I love these spankables. Great expressions and positions that allow great looks at their bottoms. Of course all of them would be better otk with a little color in them as well. Thanks for the great finds and have a great day.