Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Spanked In The Living Room"

Another older photo-set for you to enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

The Living Room is best for Naughty Girls' discipline Veronica. Just right for when hubby gets us home after we've thrown a massive tantrum in the mall over another pair of shiny, brand new , high heels tee-hee ! Noooo !

And back in the day, it was usually the Living Room where mummy administered whuppin's to we two naughty daughters, who, individually, had to bend over the sofa-arm (botties bare) for just desserts after major tantrums in the ca change ha-ha

And extra detail Veronica - yes, in the summer (most of the year in Atlanta !) mummy opened the doors onto the garden...and so the elderly neighbours heard the unmistakable, stinging, swish-smack of the dreaded, rattan switch on our tender-skinned, bare backsides. Boo-Hoo ! Plus our loud crying and princess ' wailing. Embarrassing yes, but really just part of family life in those strict times !!
Naughty Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Bet you get spanked alot in living room bet you even enjoy getting spanking in living roo

Njspank said...

Terrific scene sand outfit