Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Who made my naughty boy list?

I want to see a list of names... NOW!


Mike Pahula said...


i been naughty boy all year long i need a spanking from you over your sexy lap as you give me good spanking with that paddle i will thanks you when punishment is over you can yank my pants down too if want

JD Winchester said...

Ok, you got me! If YOU are doing the paddling, I'm on the Naughty Boy List for SURE.

But in all fairness, YOU should be on the Naughty Girl List for not replying to my earlier questions I asked of you, EVEN to say "I'm pleading my 5th Amendment rights!" Fair turn of play, wouldn't you agree? So first hand ME that paddle Little Miss, turn around, bend over, grab your knees and stick your butt out... And with Tony's approval, I simply cannot guarantee that your panties will not be coming down for some of the licks; I truly believe you have earned no less!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and Tony and all of your loved ones, and many, many thanks for all the blessings you bring to many of our lives!

Anonymous said...

My hubby for one Veronica!
Festive Greetings
Hugs and smacks, Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Me my dear. Please.

Merry Christmas

Njspank said...


Blog is better than ever. Sorry I left for a while but back now. Remember panty spankings are good.
Much love and peace and a blessed Christmas

Brett said...

Oh no! What a big hairbrush you have pretty Miss Santa! Is it too late in the year to get off your naughty boy list? I don't want to ruin the holidays with a bare bottom spanking over your knee! ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe I have made that list this year.

Always a pleasure to view and read your blog.
Have a great holiday. :)


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, you can probably add my name to the list too...Oh Well!

I love your blog!


Anonymous said...

count me on it ....another naughty boy ready to take his spanking.