Monday, January 4, 2016

Yes... another "rub my ass" moment :)


Anonymous said...

Naughty Lil' Princesses need New Year Resolutions too !

Attitude Adjusted - and I already detect less poutiness and bratty tendencies Veronica. The redness is taking positive effect! Yes indeed, a stinging bottom does no harm. That was one of the first things I was taught by my mommy. And Oh my, a salutary lesson it was Veronica. Job done !
Strict Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Nice post and lovely red bottom. Love it and nice panty

Mike Pahula said...

Looking sad as red your sexy ass did i ever tell you i love your butt and ass
i even own same belt you are wearing

Anonymous said...

Good post and you are an appropriate color!

Anonymous said...

Hands on head...panties pulled up....jeans pulled back up and neatly the switchy-spanky-hipy-hoppy- dance (lots of tears and vigorous botty rub) ...gotten sent to your room !

I so love the photos of you standing up (post punishment) rubbing your stingy botty, crying like a baby and waiting to do the switchy-dance, Veronica. I love these views of your bottom (standing up) and your lovely face as much as the OTK spanking angles.

As a spankee (1950s born daughter and wife) and a firm CP spanker (a strict 1980s mother to two girls) I believe in the formal process of corporal punishment, Veronica. Both on the panties down...and also the panties pulled back up.

First, panties down (bottom baring) is an effective punishment in its own right. I never forget that "cool breeze on your bare botty" when your panties slip down and your sensitive alabaster-white skin is exposed for punishment. It was so scary staring at the cane in my mother's hand back in the 1960s, "the rod of correction" or when we were younger (before age 8) staring at the wooden spoon or hairbrush.

For real effect, our mom always made my sister and me put our hands on our heads for the baring procedure and for some scolding while we felt the "breeze on your bare botty" moment. This "breeze" is CP childhood spanking nightmares for me ha-ha. I deserved those whippings Veronica !!

With my own two daughters, I was the bad cop "botty smacker" in our house. I carried out the CP ! My hubby was not a strict father disciplinarian. I followed the same baring process as my mother did with me - hands on heads, panties to knees, "breeze on the botty". It sure worked Veronica !

The contrast between the cool breeze and the harsh smack of a rubber spatula or rattan switch on tender bare skin is part of the punishment experience. And the terrible but harmless sting already ! Yes my girls are now early thirties long left home and their tender bums have recovered from my mommy-approved discipline. That was life back then.

The process shows that mommy means business. It shows that daughters gotten naughty, and deserve bare bottom punishment ! After the spanking, a formal process of pulling up panties and pants or smartening down dresses is an effective part of loving, strict procedure. It adds gravitas to a serious domestic disciplinary CP routine.

So get your hands on your head while I pull your panties back over your sore-botty-red-ass Veronica !
Strict Mom Brenda xx