Sunday, March 6, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday

The wooden bath brush "Oh Damn!!!.... That hurts!!!!!!!!!!"

"I almost jumped off his lap."


Anonymous said...

Yes, Oucheeeees Veronica. You naughty girl. Oh my, the fairest, soft, sensitive skin covering that special place "provided by God and Nature for discipline"; often needs more than a hard hand Veronica. Harsh but fair young lady. A rattan switch on the bare botty was how strict mommy raised lil' ol' me and my sister back in the day ! Perfectly harmless Veronica. Just like the bath brush ! ;-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like you must have been a very naughty girl! Love to see you kicking and squirming. Absolutely adorable. :)

Njspank said...

What did you do?? Ouch. Nice bottom

Mike Pahula said...

Miss veronica

i would hand you the bathbrush so you can spank me hard with bathbrush for my spankinh iam sure u make it hurt real bad and if i see you holding it i get nervous drop pants and bend over

like other one i like know what did and how come got bathbrush spanking and u looking forward to ever experience bathbrush spanking again

Anonymous said...

I like how that bath brush is leaving some nice round red spots. For real brats, it should be "Can't sit down Monday" as well.