Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Looks like someone is in big trouble... :(


Anonymous said...

The Southern Strap is an earnest botty smacker for naughty lil' madams Veronica. A common attitude adjuster, that's stood the test of time. Daddy is furious and oh my, your panties will be pulled down young lady !
The Georgia Strap(ha-ha) is my hubby's favourite to admonish lil' Ol' Naughty Me, Veronica!
Brenda and hubby xx

Dai Preston said...

Oooh. Very Sexy!

Njspank said...

Good. Hope you get a nice long spanking with that belt on those beautiful panties thanks

Mike Pahula said...

Yes Tony is his pants be falling down cause no wearing his belt
i doubt that someone in trouble be you and you be getting belt spankin