Monday, March 7, 2016

Over mom's knee..


Njspank said...

My goodness what a classic picture. Love it. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Love this one so much! Reminds me of you and me ;)

Ms. Ash

Anonymous said...

The girl's name is Kelli-Raye. She kicked, cried, and made a real BIG fuss while getting a brief hairbrush spanking.

I think Veronica should get put over mom's knee like this . ;)

Mike Pahula said...

Mom must be real mad from look on face look like spankings going hurt bet not first timne daugther found self mom lap being spanked

hope mom dont catch me watching then i might find myself in same spot not sure if i should tell mom i was with daughter time it my fault she in trouble hope doesnt mean iget spanked next like daugther

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Veronica. That's naughty lil' ol' me over mommy's knee in Georgia 1968 ! Boo-Hoo :-)
The world was in black and white but bottoms were red. Strict times of yore
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Hairbrush to bare botty - a mother's traditional solution !

I am now in my late 50s and was raised in a strict, Christian household in the 1960s and so when I gotten blessed myself with two lovely daughters in the 1980s, I was naturally a loving but strict mother in the Southern fashion Veronica !

The rods of correction for my young girls were the hairbrush and then a lil' cane when they gotten older. I was in charge of CP in our house (not my hubby) and so when my girls gotten naughty and needed their bottoms smacked they reported to their mom, yours truly. I always pulled down panties and punished on sensitive bare skin. That was my punishment rule Veronica. Same as I gotten whipped on the bare in the 1960s.

My daughters are long grown up and are happy, working professionals in their own homes. They still thank me for my ol' fashioned approach to CP and maternal guidance. A nostalgic photo Veronica. Thank you !
Strict Mom Brenda xx