Thursday, March 10, 2016

"The Guilty Pleasure of Getting a SPANKING!"

Here's a short photo-set of another orgasmic hand spanking. I'm even wearing pink for the occasion...:)


Mike Pahula said...

PInk look good on your the outfit pink and pink butt from spanking tooall in all pink must be one of your fav color with hands spanking ranking high up on the list as well

Pink go with spanking and what all butt the naughty one need pink then red when spanking happening right

Njspank said...

Orgasmic hand spanking. Now that is freakin erotic as are the pink panties. Enjoy your orgasm and hot bottom. Love it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous Veronica. Pink is your colour young lady.
Oh my, I love the cutey pinky stripey socks. So naughty girly.

I heard you had a mighty tantrum in the store Veronica. Stamping your stripey socked feet on the ground like a feisty lil' precocious princess.
Poor daddy, what a hero papa Tony is ?! Keeping his calm all the way home, before dealing with your behaviour. How dare you girl !
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

You are a beautiful little girl and Tony is so lucky. I love pink on girls as it denotes both naughty and innocent at the same time. It is the perfect feminine color and so appropriate for you. Please wear pink more often


and with you it is exceptional!! I would love to see you in pink more often

Anonymous said...

Tony is such a lucky devil getting to take your cute fanny over his knee every time you feel the naughty urge to have an orgasmic hand spanking! He should be an extra naughty devil (like me!) and give you a whole string of orgasms not stopping your naughty spanking between! =;)