Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vintage Veronica

I just love taking my photos and giving them a vintage look, I hope you also enjoy it... :) 

1957... schoolgirl and papa

1963... wife
1937... Girlfriend learns the hard way.

1964... Hubby is still in charge.

1945... Back from Germany.
1926... No roaring in the twenties.

1952.... Just married and taking her fathers advice.

                                    1919.... Taming Of The Shrew


Njspank said...

Thank you for sharing all of these. Some of my favorites even if no panty spanking pics. You are just too beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Veronica! Oh my, your lush, fair-skinned botty is a delicious target and quite frankly young missy, a most necessary one; due to your continued bratty behaviour.

These lovely vintage diary shots prove that strict, loving ol' fashioned discipline is alive and kicking - literally ;-) xx
The golden age of the good, smacked bottom - when the world was black n white, and naughty bottoms were red !
Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

the look on your face iam sure is pleasure as you told me you get pleasure from all the spanking and your spanking i noticed lately you have big butt look like too but butt is very awesome looking to shape very nice

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say - fabulous thoughtful captions on your photos Veronica !!
Great writing girl !
It so embellishes your whole vintage genre.
You are a wonderful artist Veronica...and yes for sure, a very naughty lil' missy ! :-)
Brenda xx