Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Oh my, how lovely Veronica. Girl one is so lush. Love her tan lines :-)
Boo-Hoo. A soft, bare white botty exposed over the sofa means only one thing Veronica. Mommy is fetching her lil rattan switch. Nooooo ! Booo-Hoooo ! Not fair Veronica :-( xx
Momma Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Yes, looking at that lovely pale, fairy-soft botty on naughty girl number one. Awaiting her spanking on the place provided by the Lord. (Praise the Lord Veronica) I am so keen to fetch my mommy-approved cane...aka the flexible rattan switch, beloved of Southern moms and identical to the one I gotten raised with as a child. I felt it smacking my naughty bare backside in the living room and my bedroom (my 1950s white, cotton panties or pyjamas around my knees) from 8 years of age in the mid-1960s !

It will sure make this girl squawk Veronica ! Big bad botty stings guaranteed :-(
Veronica, I vividly recall recent and distant conversations with PC moms (some who are friends already) about discipline when my raising of my two daughters in the 1980s/90s. I said that I was proud to be a strict, loving mom and believed in the stern CP that I myself received as a child back in the 1960s.

I said that when my girls gotten naughty, I pulled their panties down and gave them a good tap on their tender, bare behinds with the rattan cane that I kept in the cupboard.
Oh my ! PC moms were shocked Veronica. They were aghast and horrified. They sure were not impressed already !! Could they imagine their naughty snowflake daughters getting their bare bottoms they deserved !

This lovely, fairest-cute botty on girl number one reminds me of my strict duty as a mother punishing my two girls, in the absence of their father. He was there already - but he was no disciplinarian. Oh my ! I was the bad cop spanker !

I also have the most vivid childhood memories of watching my sister's bare, alabaster-white bum get whipped with the cane by mother after telling lies ! The rod was never spared back then.

Oh my ! My lil' sister's cotton soft. sensitive-skinned, pudgy botty rapidly gotten from cotton-white to water melon red. Oh my ! And she screamed the house down too ! That was the loud, colorful aspect of corporal punishment in the 1960s. Just a normal part of family life, Veronica
Strict 1980s Mother Brenda xx