Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday's Spankable

Celebrating the "Dog Days of Summer"


Anonymous said...

Oh my !! Soooo lovely Veronica. So swell ! I soooo love tan lines. And so does my hubby ;-)
Last photo shows three girly amigos- me on the left, with my sister and buddy ha-ha ! :-) x
And oh my, girl on photo four has the best tan lines in the world. So delicious and ol' fashioned Veronica. So strict and 1950s ?
She takes me back to Georgia when I was a lil' girl. I had identical tan lines - golden sun tan and a cotton soft, cotton white botty! I was the cutey, lil', Coppertone girl on that advert !
And oh my, yes, Veronica, boo-hoo, that bare, fairy -soft, paler shade of white surface provided a clearly defined tender target for my mommy's dreaded switchy stick ! Oucheeeees ! Nooooo please mommy !
So like me, I think this naughty madam has her swimsuit pulled down for a switchin' right now already Veronica. For fighting in the paddling pool ! Brings back ol' Southern memories !! Thank you Veronica.
Nostalgic Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Always lovely

Anonymous said...

Guard Your Exposure ...but Don't be a Paleface !

Little Miss Coppertone Girl gotten her bare botty whooped a good'un by her parents !

Those last 2 fab photos of tan lines. Oh my !

Veronica, check out the YouTube video, Coppertone Girl: Then & Now. Integral to my family life and spanking !

I was the 1950s sun-tanned, white-bottomed, Little Miss Coppertone Girl in m childhood Veronica, and then as a strict, loving 1980s mother myself, raising my own two daughters; I gotten used to seeing tan lines and alabaster-white bath times and spanking times ! For sure my girls gotten bare bottom CP exactly like I gotten from my mom in the 1960s. My hubby was a good cop non-disciplinarian. A great dad but would watch and support CP for his daughters, not administer it !

I was the stern, bad-cop -mommy, bottom smacker. And yes for sure I always bared their seats (no surprise, Veronica) because I felt the sting and the message loud and clear that way as a naughty child from my mother.

My girls, now early 30s, thank me for my strict parenting values. "You tore our asses up mom"..."you beat our bare butts"..."you bare-ass whooped us" younger people now say today Veronica. I am a more conservative lady (60 next year !) used to more Ol' fashioned phrases, like "Your backside needs a switching Brenda " - one of my mother's 1960s routine sayings and threats :-(

"Tan... don't burn..use Coppertone"...
In our Christian childhoods (me and lil' sister) our God blessed bare white botties gotten tanned and burned from our mother with the flexible switch. The white skin did not see daylight apart from those bath times...and spankings. And yes, we used sun cream over our bodies to protect us from the Atlanta sun. Sadly we had no protection from the cane. The "rod" always gotten administered on bare, sensitive botty-skin. That was the punishment. The Church folk advocated it too, Veronica :-(

Second from last photo On my ! Oh my ! Oh my ! That girl has gotten great tan lines and a fabulous paler-shade-of-white-bum ! A girl after my own heart and botty, Veronica :-)

She invokes an ever-lasting image of my childhood whoopings Veronica. My lil' sister had the whitest fairy-skinned backside in Georgia: like The Coppertone Girl. We both gotten scared and excited if the other sister was gonna get a switching ! :-(

My ten year old princess-brat sister had a problem with lying to my mother (not a good idea already) Mom would fetch the "botty smacker" aka the rod - a whippy-thin cane- from the downstairs cupboard. The baring process was formal with scolding. We did not get spanked outside or in public, always in private.

In the living room, my crying sister had hands on head and mommy would unfasten a lil' pair of canvas blue cotton shorts and pull them down to my sister's knees. Mom then took hold of the waistband of a lil' pair of white cotton panties (we wore 1950s large, white underwear) and pulled them down to the short. Boo-Hoo...the moment of truth. Breeze on the bare bottom moment.

Her fairy-soft, whiter-than-white botty gotten exposed. Plus the tan lines. Just like this photo Veronica. But at first, it so looked like my sister gotten another pair of panties on underneath (like to trick mom) because her bottom was so impossibly white !
Sadly she did not. It was vulnerable bare skin that was exposed. She bent over the sofa and screamed a bunch as the switch danced across her white backside, rapidly turning it red.

This was just proper strict, good parenting from my mother. Daughters must not tell lies !
We learned lessons from loving CP. But watching my poor lil' cute sister get punished was unforgettable for me in my own childhood in the 1960s. And that is why I am on your Blog Veronica !

Brenda - The 1960s Little Miss Coppertone and then a strict, loving 1980s mom xx