Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Home Past Curfew"

From one of my older photo-sets...

Hubby is lecturing me on the importance of keeping my curfew.

Over-the-knee I go for a good old-fashioned spanking.

I kick and I squirm....

...but I just can't escape my fate!

Oooops.. I forgot to wear any panties. :)

I'll be good, I promise!!!

Ouchie!!! My ass stings!

Until next time my spanko friends. XoXo


Mike Pahula said...

that first pic i thought u be giving out spankin to hubby casue he pass curfew lol

iam sure you learn lesson wont be out past your curfew after the spanking you got

i am going be out past my curfew so you be waiting for me with hairbrush in hand so can give me a good spanking over your lap you wouldnt spank me right

Njspank said...

Wow. Amazing photo set. Love the chair the dress and the shoes. No panty?
Beautiful shots thanks

Anonymous said...

So swell Veronica. So wonderful !
I so love your Ouchie photo - "the cute little deer with the bear behind". You are such a naughty lil' daughter across daddy's knee for a Texan paddlin'! I approve Veronica and you and I have had our bottoms smacked since time began !
You know I was raised as a good lil' Southern girl in a very strict Ol' fashioned household. Oh my ! I saw paddles in shops but mom bought a lil' whippy cane. And meant for my "bear behind" too. Always !!
Sure stings on an unprotected fairy soft, white backside Veronica ! Keeps naughty brats well behaved boo-hoo :-( Did me the world of good !
Strict Papa Tony is doing the right thing Veronica ! ;-)
Naughty Lil' Retro Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Good girls have curfews, and they never go out bare under their dresses. Naughty girls get old-fashioned spankings over Daddy's knee. It's the natural way of things, and just the way I like it. :)