Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More "GREAT" art!

We all know that summertime is also spanking time. :)


Anonymous said...

Yes fresh air spanks from the 2 girls otks fun ,best spanks Tim x

Njspank said...

Indeed it is and time for you over Tony's lap on the back porch!

Mike Pahula said...

i wish to experience some summer spankin by female wearing binki how fun that be going over female lap wearing binki as she give me spankin i will enjoy being spanked by her

Anonymous said...

Looks like mommy has been spanking the wrong part of her anatomy Veronica :-) ha-ha.
Alternatively. Oh my, " boo-hoo I'm sorry mommy, I know you told me not to go out in the Southern sun without my baby cream on boo-hoo"
Veronica, ironically, the snow-white, fairest, sensitive soft-skinned part of her anatomy does not see the sun. But is provided by God and Nature for appropriate admonishment ! We learn that lesson from our own stern mommies Veronica. Yes, young lady, I certainly am going to apply a lil' tug to those cutey bikini bottoms and redden that soft, tender cotton white exposed botty with my nasty, stingy flip flop Veronica. To teach you a lesson. A strict mommy's summer task Veronica ! Oh my ! ;-) xx
Strict Momma Brenda xx