Saturday, July 9, 2016

Saturday morning cartoons...

 ... and the Sunday funnies..:)


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in the deep South (Sunday Funnies), a strict, loving daddy had nine wonderful daughters. He kept a single, whippy, lil' rattan switch in the cupboard...just in case.
"Hey there pop", said the community neighbours at Church, "how do you keep your lovely girls so well-behaved and politely-mannered ?"
"Oh my, nothing really, just good, Ol' fashioned Southern culture and values", said Papa :-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of grade "F" papers from the entire class! The girls must have all been distracted daydreaming about having their teacher spank them - in that case they all passed spanking fantasy 101 with flying colors - blushing red of course! And as for that cute maid getting a good over the knee spanking with her panties pulled down, that could and should be you Miss Veronica, you would be very cute in a sexy maid uniform getting your next over the knee spanking with that little dress getting pulled up to tease, then having your pretty cute little lacy panties pulled down to add some nice blushing red to the black and white uniform. (And don't forget to flash a demur little smile with that little naughty twinkle in your eyes too, we all know you're enjoying this too much!) Another of many naughty devil fantasies. ND =;)

Njspank said...

Nice ones including nice panty spanking. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Best spanks for all in these cartoons ,best spanks V. from Tim x

Anonymous said...

Sunday Funnies - bare, soft botties meet the hard, nasty cane. Good to see Veronica !
A taste of my own childhood medicine for these brats. I approve. Proper CP :-)

It was just me and my lil' sister and mommy at home in Georgia in the 1960s. Dad was at work. He was less strict than mom (everyone was less strict than our mom !)

Veronica, I can tell you that when sister and me gotten to go to the malls or parks in Atlanta with mommy (mid 1960s), if we started misbehaving, then the stern threat from mom already, of having our 1950s yellow dresses raised and 1950s white cotton panties pulled down (on arriving home) and having the sensitive skin on our bare white bottoms spanked with the cane, sure used to make us take things seriously. Gulp !
As a strict but kind Christian, our mom believed in a real "rod". She wanted no straps or paddles to whoop her daughters. She gotten a thin, flexible switch.
We did not get whooped in public, but corporal punishment was harsh and a normal routine at home in private. Oh my !

This cane, or "spanky-stick" or "hornets nest" (as me and sis named it) was terrible on a bare botty. But harmless too - that is the idea of corporal punishment.
We always gotten it panties pulled down on the bare bum. It was safe, practical (Ouchee !!!) and in line with mom's religious sentiments and family values. Spare the rod spoil the child was routinely quoted.
It worked so well Veronica - I raised my daughters with the switch too in the 1990s !
Strict Mom Brenda xx