Thursday, July 21, 2016

Spanking 3D...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, Veronica! Soooo sensational, swell and lush. So strict, cute and conservative. But so modern too ! My hubby's smiling too !
I sooooo love the naughty lil' brats's cutey pink princess panties. Deliciously cute for a smacked bottom. I want those exact ones ! :-) Good red bum too. I approve !
It's just an awesome cartoon Veronica. And when I was growing up in 1960s' Georgia, I was also similarly scared of Board and State rules ! My upbringing was so strict at home, I thought the State sanctioned my bare bottom whuppin's from momma ! :-)
My mommy made me wear those sensible,soft, snuggy white cotton underpants - so very 1950s ! Sadly not those cutey pink princess cartoon Funderwear we see here Veronica. And my strict mom always pulled them down when I needed my naughty botty smacked with her rattan switchy stick !!
Oucheeeees to my lil' white "bear bottom" boo-hoo,oh my ! Strict times.
Sooo love this Veronica, thank you.
Love teacher's pretty sexy polka dot panties too :-)
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Well you just know what I will the panty. Thanks

Anonymous said...

V. enjoy Brenda s comments here ,best spanks , Tim x