Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer school is still in session..:)


Anonymous said...

How was your day at school Veronica :-)
My hubby loves naughty schoolgirls (don't we all ha-ha)
Oh my, this strict superhero mom and teacher is an expert botty smacker eh Veronica ? Heat to the fairest, sensitive seat. Slowly but surely and sooo thoroughly. There's no rush Veronica - the hornets nest builds and builds on naughty unprotected bottoms ! Lovely post, thank you Miss ! ;-)
Brenda and Hubby xx

Dai Preston said...

Very cute shot.

Njspank said...

Nice hot bottom on a hot summer day.

Mike Pahula said...

the blond spankee doesnt look happy being otk spanking bet she regret what she did now as laying over teacher lap be glad when over

iam sure you would love be one of those summer school sudent being spanking i can picture you as one a Giving out spanking to naughty boys

Anonymous said...

My goodness such a luscious cute fanny she has and with a nice blush developing too! Love to have seen the stages as she was taken over the knee, the skirt getting pulled up and those little frilly panties coming down, then hopefully hearing her crying a little and pleading with apologies too. She reminds me of a gorgeous blonde sweetheart of mine that broke my heart leaving me hanging for someone else without so much as a word and how much I fantasize of taking her over my knee for a good long sensuous spanking to remind her just how much I really loved her and still do. Naughty devils never forget haunting sweethearts with their oh so gorgeous sweet blushing fannies! Not to worry, there are always new naughty luscious bottomed sweethearts just waiting to be spanked, forgiven and loved forever too although that particular heartbreaking haunting sweetheart will always smolder in this naughty devil's heart, especially since she was playful and knew just how to spank her naughty devil over her silky sensuous knees too! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Miss spanks her naughty pupils in the detention class ,botties blush otks ,best spanks Tim x hello Brenda .