Monday, August 1, 2016

And yes... yet another "Rub My Ass" moment!!!


Mike Pahula said...

your red butt and red dress is matching pair how long you think be rubbing your butt well spanked red butt this time what longest time you had rub your butt after spanking?

Njspank said...

And what a lovely red ass it is... Let me know if you need help rubbing!

Anonymous said...

Boo-Hoo Veronica. You poor lil' thing :-( daddy was soooo cross and smacked your bare botty. Very soundly. And it stings. Boo-Hoo !

At sad times like these, we naughty lil' girls need to be reminded that a stinging bottom does no harm Veronica. Do not worry princess. Wipe away your tears.
Hey ! Get you, sexy bum ! ;-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Sweet cute naughty Veronica asks:
Mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the cutest spankee of them all?

Replied the naughty devil mirror:
Why of course you are my dear!
And we'll see you with your cute blushing spanked bare bottom in the mirror again tomorrow, same spanking time, same spanking channel!

Reflections by ND =;)