Sunday, August 21, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday

Bedtime Blues.. :(


Anonymous said...

Fab Veronica! I have to remind my hubby that bedtime spankings are not just a theme, they are a fact of life for naughty lil' girls. Strict, loving, ol' fashioned traditional domestic discipline means that jammies are unfortunately pulled down so that chubby, bare princess botties can be properly smacked good n hard. As appropriate too ! Oh my !
Then you are put to bed with your cuddlies Veronica :-)
Curtains are drawn and yes, sadly, windows are often open and neighbours hear how the naughty lil' girl next door gets admonished. Good Ol' Southern culture Veronica, ha-ha !
Naughty Brenda xc

Njspank said...

The best day of the week. Love your pajamas.

Mike Pahula said...

love the pants and outfit white shirt and you over the knee lap getting a Sunday spanking to where cant sit will you wear these pants when you give me a good spanking to where i cant sit