Sunday, August 28, 2016

Can't sit down Sunday :(

Such a naughty nurse.


Njspank said...

One of my favorites. Thanks

Robert Stephens said...

Perhaps this naughty nurse needs to have her temperature taken... Over Tony's knee, with a thermometer in her bottom, like a naughty little girl.....

Mike Pahula said...

wouldnaughty nurse learn her lesson after being spanked or getting spanking maybe go aroundshow ALL HER PATIENT HER WELL SPANKED Butt be good also able own clip of her geting spanked

i would need be spanked by same naughty nurse love if women wore nurse outfit and when whe take me over lap and give me spankings

Anonymous said...

I must say that the idea of a thermometer being inserted into naughty nurse anus is amusing but would get in the way of a good spanking or caning ,so it would have to be removed before spanking! I much prefer to to give her a good warmup up by hand then administer the caning ,of at least 12 strokes, with my rattan cane on her bare bottom not forgetting to give a couple on her thighs! HJ

Anonymous said...

Lovely Ol' fashioned spanking Veronica!
Yes, a hard wooden spoon or hairbrush applied the the soft, sensitive bare skin of a naughty lil' girl's upturned bottom provides a salutary lesson after misbehaviour Veronica! Oh my, it was a lesson I first learned at an early age over mom's knee in the mid -1960s ! It's a lifelong lesson for naughty daughters!
That harsh but fair (and frequent!) lesson went with my mom's cute but scary, ol' fashioned, Southern phrase- that my soft, chubby, fairest -skinned botty was provided by God and Nature for strict loving discipline by my exasperated mommy ! And she meant my botty always being in its very bare state too !! :-( Boo-Hoo. She was so right Veronica.
My hubby strongly agrees ha-ha :-)
Naughty Brenda xx