Monday, August 15, 2016

Did she learn her lesson?


Anonymous said...

Yes, she definitely did Veronica. In my humble opinion already ! And from my considerable experience ha-ha :-)
That's the benefit of a good, proper smacked bottom Veronica - panties down for sure !
Oh my, as lil' girls, sister and I were taught many such strict, loving lessons at home. Mommy fetched the rattan switch, pale botties were bared, and whipped !
It's harmless but humbling Veronica. And panties down ensures the lesson is least until next time Veronica ;-) x
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Looking at her bottom and the look on her face I do not think she has learnt her lesson at all! She has ,it appears, only been spanked but she needs the cane or paddle applied very sharply to her bare bottom after a bottom warming slippering! !

Njspank said...

I hope not so I can spank her some more.

Anonymous said...

This naughty little dolly obviously hasn't finished learning her lesson to be a sweetheart yet as her over the knee panties down spanking will only be complete when she is crying and being cuddled with her well spanked bare bottom sitting on her loving naughty devil's lap being forgiven for her naughtiness. Always need a happy ending with her naughty devil! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Ask my daughters Veronica !? They will tell you that they gotten plenty of corporal punishment on their bare bottoms in their childhoods. Just like I gotten from my own mother in the 1960s.
And it was yours truly that smacked their botties when they gotten naughty, not my hubby !
He was the softy goody-cop. And I was the bad-Southern-mommy- cop who fetched the flexible switch (rattan cane) from the cupboard already when lies, tantrums or misbehavior gotten found out!!

My daughters love hubby and me the same (naturally !) and thank me for my stern rules and punishments. If my girls had deep regrets, then I would sure have to reflect on my maternal values and beliefs. For sure I was very stern as a mother: I pulled down their panties and gave their bare behinds many a good switching with "the rod of correction". But they deserved it and are now happy, successful (both in their 30s, only just) and they say I sure did the right thing with my "tough love". So right they are Veronica !!

I am re-assured when they say that to me today (regularly) and I am in my late fifties already. I did work full-time (almost) too back in the day which gave me a short-temper and a no-nonsense approach to my girls behavior and boundaries. "Don't spare the rod" and all.

My hubby agrees too. He always supported my strong belief in CP rather than PC. But given my very strict, religious upbringing Veronica, it made sense for me to be the disciplinarian when we were blessed with our two daughters in the 1980s. And not much PC around at that time already, thankfully !
Strict Mom Brenda xx