Monday, August 15, 2016

Did she learn her lesson?


Anonymous said...

Yes, she definitely did Veronica. In my humble opinion already ! And from my considerable experience ha-ha :-)
That's the benefit of a good, proper smacked bottom Veronica - panties down for sure !
Oh my, as lil' girls, sister and I were taught many such strict, loving lessons at home. Mommy fetched the rattan switch, pale botties were bared, and whipped !
It's harmless but humbling Veronica. And panties down ensures the lesson is least until next time Veronica ;-) x
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Looking at her bottom and the look on her face I do not think she has learnt her lesson at all! She has ,it appears, only been spanked but she needs the cane or paddle applied very sharply to her bare bottom after a bottom warming slippering! !

Njspank said...

I hope not so I can spank her some more.

Anonymous said...

This naughty little dolly obviously hasn't finished learning her lesson to be a sweetheart yet as her over the knee panties down spanking will only be complete when she is crying and being cuddled with her well spanked bare bottom sitting on her loving naughty devil's lap being forgiven for her naughtiness. Always need a happy ending with her naughty devil! ND =;)