Tuesday, August 2, 2016

For all you NAUGHTY boys :)


Mike Pahula said...

Wow how soon can i go over her lap she looklike about give out dish out very hard spanking to the naughty boy bet was very painful as well and she had fun

May i pretty please go over her lap to get hard spanking from her i been very naughty boy i need spanked hard by her

Njspank said...

Ok nice but not as sexy as you

Anonymous said...

With all those implements hanging ready on the wall, looks like that lucky naughty devil's spanking has only just begun and will be over her knee for quite a long time! But this naughty devil always prefers to both give and receive spankings over the knee by hand, seems and feels so much more intimate to have a loving hand on bottom for additional in between intimate pleasing naughty activities. :) And although I prefer to be bent over both silky knees, love how she has a firm hold on him to be kept in place. That said, there is also the thrill of escaping or thinking you're through getting off her knees for her to order and pull you back over her knees, announcing that she's not through with you yet! Yes mommy, I'm so sorry! Of course I need to be spanked over and over again so I know she really loves me, or is it just giving me a good spanking she really loves so much? Either way, naughty devils love to play! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Your blog has told my hubby what a naughty boy he is !
Thanks Veronica :-)
Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Botties high over her knees as his girlfriend spanks her boyfriend for naughtiness as their mummies did ,best spanks Veronica and hello Brenda from Tim x