Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Tan lines and you like my tan lines Veronica? I'm showing off my whiter than white bottom in the sea. Sooo wary of hubby's flip-flop ha-ha! Yes, that's exactly me and my bum , Veronica! :-)

As a lil' girl growing up in ol' fashioned, 1960s sunny South, my lil' princess tan lines were even starker Veronica (sensible swimsuits for daughters oh my !)
I sported an even darker brown sun tan and the fairest, softest, cotton-white botty in Georgia State Veronica !! :-) And boo-hoo, Oh my, this was not lost on my strict mommy who ,when I was very naughty, would sadly always (pull down panties) expose my tan lines and bare, white botty for a different sort of tanning with her dreaded, rattan switchy-cane !! Oucheeeees ! Boo-Hoo. Such stern punishment of yore Veronica ! Love tan lines !! :-)
Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Again 2 of these female i love do some spanking with being getting spanked by them and then spank them iam sure few or all into spanking and one i choose can spank hard being spanking from them be real hard

Anonymous said...

That naughty smiling teasing school girl is so ready for more than just a good over the knee spanking bent over with her panties already down to her ankles! This naughty devil would be more than happy to keep her smiling with the so much more before, during and after her loving blushing spankings she so desperately needs! Love the other girls with their cute luscious fannies too, do have to have a favorite and the cute school girl is definitely this naughty devil's favorite. ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Yes cute girls with cute botties to spank eh Veronica and Brenda ,besy spanks Tim x best.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful lady - lovely big, white botty in the sea !

That sure is me with the big, white ass Veronica. I have had my famous tan lines and whiter-than-alabaster-white backside all my days ! A default position of a Southern, 1950s born lass.

With my two daughters gotten all grown-up and left home, I have been more retro- in my thoughts (and spanking with hubby) these past ten years. I have been nurturing my tan lines and keeping my snow-white ass away from the sun :-)

In addition to retro-Southern belle dresses etc, I have gotten myself a big 1950s style two-piece swimsuit (several already !). As a child in the early 1960s, I had to wear very conservative clothes and I so fondly recall my Ol' fashioned swimsuits (and also my unforgettable, large, white, 1950s cotton panties too)...everything was very conservative and suburban life seemed to revolve around Church, outdoor sports, tan lines, fairest-skinned-lily-white bottoms and sound bare-ass spankings from mom (and sometimes dad) !!

My swimsuits today sure give me my trademark deep, golden brown tan...but also keeps my trademark tan lines and fairest-skinned bottom in its ultra-pale, ultra-soft state. The high-waist, low-cut nature of these large 1950s swimsuit bottoms gives me an even bigger white ass and tan lines than this lady standing in the sea gotten already. I am the Retro Coppertone Girl for 2018 Veronica !

My hubby will cane my bare white botty and I will feel like that naughty 1950s-born child again, just as I gotten whipped by my mother on my bare white backside throughout my childhood in the 1960s/early 70s.
Not only do I lament the prevalence of PC (not enough CP !) I also lament the lack of tan lines Veronica. Where have they gone already ? For fair-skinned lil' madams like me, tan lines and dazzling-white, chubby botties were a fact of life growing up in 1960s Georgia !

Spankings were also a fact of life for we girls too. As it should be. And being raised in a strict, Christian, traditional household, our white princess boties and tan lines gotten bared for sure on two occasions: for bath times...and for when mom fetched the cane for a whooping !

Most of our girlfriend buddies in our Church group gotten spanked (bare bottom already) and I saw many a tan lines and chubby-white bum get bared and tanned in the park or at moms' coffee mornings or around their homes when we gotten playdates.

As you know my ever-lasting first image of corporal punishment is seeing my lil' sister's snow-white botty gotten bared throughout the 1960s (as her white, cotton panties gotten pulled down, she had her hands on her head) and then seeing he velvety, fair skin turn from snow-white to rose red as mom let the rattan switch dance over her naughty bottom... a lot !! That was the punishment in our childhoods :-(.

As a strict, loving 1980s mom, my two daughters naturally had fairest skin like their mother...and yes, for sure Veronica, had to show me their bare alabaster-white behinds when they needed their attitude adjusting with my trusty, lil' rattan, spanky-stick back in their childhoods !! They are happy, successful and aged early 30s now ! And as an extended family we can all laugh about corporal punishment Veronica and strict Southern family values (I fully support those)....and tan lines :-)
Strict Retro Daughter, Mother and Wife Brenda xx