Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday's Spankable


Anonymous said...

Tan lines and you like my tan lines Veronica? I'm showing off my whiter than white bottom in the sea. Sooo wary of hubby's flip-flop ha-ha! Yes, that's exactly me and my bum , Veronica! :-)

As a lil' girl growing up in ol' fashioned, 1960s sunny South, my lil' princess tan lines were even starker Veronica (sensible swimsuits for daughters oh my !)
I sported an even darker brown sun tan and the fairest, softest, cotton-white botty in Georgia State Veronica !! :-) And boo-hoo, Oh my, this was not lost on my strict mommy who ,when I was very naughty, would sadly always (pull down panties) expose my tan lines and bare, white botty for a different sort of tanning with her dreaded, rattan switchy-cane !! Oucheeeees ! Boo-Hoo. Such stern punishment of yore Veronica ! Love tan lines !! :-)
Nostalgic Naughty Brenda xx

Mike Pahula said...

Again 2 of these female i love do some spanking with being getting spanked by them and then spank them iam sure few or all into spanking and one i choose can spank hard being spanking from them be real hard

Anonymous said...

That naughty smiling teasing school girl is so ready for more than just a good over the knee spanking bent over with her panties already down to her ankles! This naughty devil would be more than happy to keep her smiling with the so much more before, during and after her loving blushing spankings she so desperately needs! Love the other girls with their cute luscious fannies too, do have to have a favorite and the cute school girl is definitely this naughty devil's favorite. ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Yes cute girls with cute botties to spank eh Veronica and Brenda ,besy spanks Tim x best.