Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I'm waiting :)

Waiting for a good spanking... and

Now I'm waiting for a good.....??? (You fill in the blank:)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, sooo yummy Veronica :-)
My hubby will fill in the blank ! After he has given you a good whuppin' with his stingy, hard slipper. Harsh on the bare - as it should be Veronica.

I love the first two photos. Yes, of course, I will make your bare botty sting with my lil', rattan switchy-stick (exactly as I was raised) in a mommy/daughter scenario! Very realistic Veronica! Teach you not to tantrum and potty mouth in the mall my girl !

But I would so love to see one of those strict, loving Japanese mommies punish you in a traditional mommy / naughty daughter domestic situation- cane to bare botty I mean.

And not forgetting Dana Specht, Veronica, with a whippy rattan bottom smacker to teach you a maternal lesson , close the curtains, and tuck you up in bed at once young lady !
With windows open, neighbours hear how naughty lil' daughter next door is dealt with when she is very naughty! :-)
Delicious, sexy, juicy bum Veronica. Oh my !
Strict Mommy Brenda xx

Njspank said...

Now am rock hard... Waiting for both a spanking and a good workout with ...

Anonymous said...

What else you silly naughty girl, ... a naughty devil and his goose ... and wouldn't want you to wait too long! ND =;)

Mike Pahula said...

You waiting for the spanking video to be shown to you or the picture actually you waiting for spanking then for me to kiss your butt make it feel better then massage your adorable booty butt. good spanking and paddling is in order

Mike Pahula said...

i may also add seem like you have A big butt from the pic i look at nothing wrong with having big butt i have same size butt i think as you you will some day iam sure be spanking my big butt soon