Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Life Imitating Art"

So what's a guy to do when he comes home and finds his wife wearing nothing but a pair of panties reading a spanking magazine??? What would you do?
We all know what he did. :)..... From an older photo-set.

"I want you to do this to me.... PLEASE!"


Njspank said...

Oh my goodness. The beautiful Hostess of this blog in just incredible panties and then a panty spanking! My dreams come true thank you. Your bottom in a panty is exquisite and so sexual. Am totally aroused! Yippee
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Lol, I totally had that magazine <3

Ms Ash

Anonymous said...

Yep! That is what I would do, too. And I would enjoy it! (Probably almost as much as you did!)

Cute pictures Veronica. You do look hot in the pink panties.


Anonymous said...

Well Our host really did get a long fully deserved spanking, although it should have been on her bare bottom ,from the start of her spanking! Still I think the length of the spanking would have made up for that ! KM

Dai Preston said...

Yes. I had that magazine once too. Veronica, good girls don't raid their daddy's classic porn collection! I distinctly remember having told you this before If it happens again I may have to come down to Austin to give you a dose of my Princess Paddle. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the panties. Nice fit, and a tad juvenile!

Mike Pahula said...

long as you know what did is wrong and you learn lesson from the spanking you got for reading spanking magznies right

wonder if you caught me reading spankings mag or watching spanking video would you be mad angry enough give me good spankings over your lap

Anonymous said...

Exactly what naughty devils yearn for when coming home at the end of the day, finding their naughty sweetheart in cute little pink girly girl panties reading spanking magazines, pleading and all ready to be taken over the knee for being such a naughty girl! You were just too happy getting your little cutie panty spanking Veronica, and now for your next panty spanking we expect your cheeks to be matching the bright pink of your panties when they're pulled down so back over the knee for a longer, much harder panty spanking, and this time with some poor little babydoll tears! Then those little panties will be ready to be pulled down again to continue spanking your cute pink sassy fanny for smiling and enjoying your spankings so much to start!!! Then we'll think about forgiving and cuddling you when you're crying with a beautiful blushing fanny to match your cute pretty pink panties' lacy red trim!!!! You know better than to ask a naughty devil please for a spanking, you will be getting taken over the knee soon enough just laying around being a tease in those pretty pink panties without having to ask! ND =;)

Anonymous said...

Waiting til father gets home...
Boo-Hoo. Oh my, you are so lush in your pretty, cutey, pinky, snuggy panties Veronica. But daddy is so cross and we naughty girls know there's only one possible ending.
We Southern princesses are not brought up with groundings or naughty steps! Boo-Hoo.
So good to see father Tony pull down your panties for a proper, good Ol' fashioned traditional spanking. A Stetson and a bare white botty show that Texan domestic discipline is in good shape Veronica. :-)
Love your panties. Veronica, when I was growing up as a lil' girl, I had to wear those sensible, large, white snuggy 1950s cotton white underpanties. Comfy but ol' fashioned and conservative. My mommy always pulled them down before bending me over the couch for a visit from the rattan switch. Bare botties were simply automatic and routine for whuppins in the 1960s in our house Veronica ! No questions or big deal. Panties strictly around knees, pretty canary yellow princess dresses hoisted ! Oh my harsh times !
Sexy post Veronica!
Naughty Lil' Brenda xx

Anonymous said...

Cute girl reading a spanky magazine ,otks for you the same as the girl otks on the cover double spanks ,best spanks V. from Tim .